Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Do I need to login to use Virtual Journeys?

If you haven’t logged in you will still be able to search for experiences, activities and attractions using the search box at the top of the page. But there’s so much you can do and share with your customers once you have logged in, such as creating your own tailor-made Virtual Journey video itinerary, sharing this with your colleagues and customers via Facebook, Twitter and email and being able to print the itinerary out onto PDF.

2 - Am I eligible for Virtual Journeys?

Virtual Journey’s is a fantastic resource for travel agents to see the NT like never before so if you’re a travel agent, sign up and enjoy the wonderful video footage that you can share with your customers.

3 - Will Tourism NT continue to run in-destination familiarisations?

Yes absolutely. There is no substitute for experiencing the NT in person and as much as we’d love to whisk you all away for months-on-end to really immerse you in the breathtaking and inspiring attractions, activities and landscapes we know that your time is precious so we’ve done the next best thing!

4 - Can I use the program on my phone or tablet?

Yes the Virtual Journey’s website is fully accessible via mobile phones and tablets so you can search for experiences and create journeys whilst you’re on the move.

5 - Can I register as an agency or do we need to register individually?

We’d recommend registering individually as you can ‘favourite’ your preferred experiences and save your journeys within your own dedicated profile area so unless you share the journeys with colleagues or customers, no one else will be able to see your journeys.

6 - Am I able to share these journeys with clients?

Yes absolutely. Bringing the NT to life visually, through the first-hand perspective footage, is a great resource to help sell to your clients. You can share experiences and journeys with clients and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email by clicking on the social media icons on the website.

7 - How can I book the journey for a client?

Most of the products featured on the videos are available through your wholesaler but just in case, each operators contact details are included on each experience page so you can get in touch with them directly and easily.

8 - How do I look for a particular product?

If you haven’t logged in you can search by typing what you’re looking for into the search box at the top of the page. If you have logged in, click on the ‘+Create Journey’ button and you can search by typing into the search box, by selecting a region within the NT on the map and also using the ‘recommended’ and ‘most watched’ journeys.

9 - How long does it take to complete a virtual journey?

A journey can include an indefinite number of experiences so a journey with just two experiences will take a lot less time than a journey with ten experiences. Once you conduct a search it’s a simple process of dragging and dropping the experience into the journey queue and clicking ‘save and view’ so a journey with only two experiences  can take as little as one minute to create.

10 - Can I use this internationally?

This version of Virtual Journeys has been created for travel agents within Australia but the experiences and video content is suitable to all both international and domestic markets. However, if you are accessing Virtual Journey’s from outside of Australia an international version of Virtual Journeys will be coming soon!



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