About Virtual Journeys

We’d love to whisk you away for months on end to really immerse you in the breathtaking and inspiring experiences, attractions, activities and landscapes within the NT but we know that your time is precious so we’ve done the next best thing!

To get you as up close and personal to the NT as possible we’ve created an online ‘Virtual Journey’ website so you can create exciting and inspirational tailor-made video itineraries for your clients. The site is bursting with brand new first-person point of view footage of over one hundred amazing attractions, activities and experiences throughout the NT plus hundreds of operator videos and for you to build into your journey and share with clients. 

Virtual Journeys allows you to create tailored ‘famils’ from the comfort of your own home or office, making it easy to build fabulous video itineraries which you can then share with your customers to really bring their holiday to life.

It’s really easy to book your itinerary to as the operator contact details for each video experience are featured alongside the footage and printable versions of your Virtual Journey, including product descriptions and operator contact details are also available.

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